1. Mexican Gourmet restaurant Nectar ($$-$$$)**

     2. Mexican Gourmet restaurant Kuuk ($$-$$$)
Kuuk boasts a gourmet, one of a kind culinary experience through their fourteen course meal. Each course is artistically displayed and an explanation is given to elaborate all of the fine details and tasty ingredients that are put into every single course.

    3. Mexican restaurant "Chaya Maya" ($)



1. Pastry and Bakery Pistache Patisserie ($)**
A quaint little bakery located on the main avenue, Pistache offers a wide selection of delicious breads, pastries and desserts. If you stop by, be sure to try the almond croissants baked fresh every morning!

2. French Restaurant Bistro Cultural ($)

3. French Restaurant and Snack Escargot ($)



Italian restaurant Oliva Kitchen and Bar ($-$$)**
A favorite among food lovers, Olivas is located just two blocks away from Boutique by the Museo, and offers amazing food choices like their homemade mushroom ravioli with a creme and walnut sauce.

**Please note that the price ratings follow the same system used by Zagat which is shown below:

($)-$25 and below



($$$$)-$66 and above

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