While there are many archeological sites surrounding the city, two of the most impressive are Chichén Itzá and Ek Balam. Both are located about an hour to two hours outside of Mérida, and are filled with the remains of the ancient Mayan Empire. Both boast impressive ruins with varying parts remaining intact after years of restoration. Chichén Itza, the more famous of the two, is most known for its giant pyramids and a cenote located on the grounds that they had used for human sacrifice to their rain god Chaac. They believed that daily sacrifice was necessary to enable regular rainfall.

Ek Balam, the lesser known of the two, has incredibly maintained grounds and at the top of the largest pyramid, there is the fully intact tomb of one of the Mayan Rulers that ruled over the city . Both of the locations have light shows happening nightly, that offer a one of a kind experience.